Pieter Zaadstra's Magazine No.1

Hi everyone,
As planned, the first edition of our new magazine is now in Tasmanian newsagents, bookshops and galleries. 
You can also purchase it directly from our website. 
New editions will be released 6 monthly. 
We recommend getting in early as the first edition lays the foundation for future 'tales'.
Happy New Year all!

Zaadstra Art Volume 1

Tales of the Atelier - Volume 1
Pages 1 - 96

The Foundation Edition
Drawing & Painting in the Tamar Valley – you’ve got to start somewhere!

Right here in Tasmania the magazine is selling well via newsagents etc.
You can also purchase your copy via  www.zaadstra.net/magazine


Pieter Zaadstra's Magazine No.2

Zaadstra Art Volume 2 

In production now!
Tales of the Atelier - Volume 2
Pages 97 - 192

The Development Edition
Pieter Zaadstra’s second magazine ‘develops’ the affective ideas and continues memoirs of diverse creative journeys.
Reserve your copy via this link

Cheers from the Tamar Valley Atelier,
Pieter Zaadstra

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