Zaadstra 'White Church' Art Gallery
Art Gallery at Glengarry, Western Gateway to the Tamar Valley in Tasmania, Australia

Magazine Cover 2

Greetings - newsletter No.7

Magazine - Volume 2
out on the shelves
3rd week of October

'Tales of the Atelier', Volume 2
the visual storybook of vignettes continues,
lessons & memoirs by Pieter Zaadstra.

Full colour magazine (coffee table style)
96 pages - size 27.5 mm x 21 mm
Heavy full colour cover
square spine perfect bound

Order your
copy via our
online facility


Tales of the Atelier - Volume 2 is being printed right now. Soon it will be available in Tasmania.

We delayed printing No.2 because we were conducting a survey to see how Tales No.1 was received. Over 1200 copies have sold here, on the island, our test demography for the magazines.

Why not download
Tales of the Atelier
as eBook @ $4.99

Here's the link

National distribution of
Tales of the Atelier
is currently considered
and tentatively costed.


I am tutoring and lecturing at Art Workshops in Victoria and South Australia during October. These workshops were booked out very quickly.

You are welcome to enquire about future workshops. Maybe even arrange one for your art group.
Phone/email me for quote re all costs.

Over the past few months I’ve been online with as tutor and 'majordomo'.

Over 15,000 hits - Click on image below to see:

White Church Art Gallery is open by appointment.

Tanya is planning to open Wednesdays to Saturdays during the next months and during Summertime.

40 Degrees South

'Tales of the Atelier' magazine printing & distribution
advice by Forty South Publishing - the publishers
of the iconic 40 Degrees South Magazine.

Click on their logo to visit their web site.



The Wentworth Galleries in the CBD at Sydney, NSW, are managing my 'large artworks' in future.

Pieter's iPhone:

0439 220 997


Personal Art Workshops

Interested in one-on-one tutoring sessions?
Please enquire.

Group sessions are deferred due to my workload.


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