Take flight at Zaadstra.Net where inspiration is pushed to the limit.


Seek here and look there! Art is a bit like that - elusive and infuriating. Gaze here and peek there!

Swimming in the pool, the stream and the tarns.

Yeah! The art of the fly fisher artist. Swimming in the pools, the streams and the mountain tarns.

Colourfully Yours!

Birds of a feather flock together. That is good enough reason to explore the Zaadstra Net web sites!

Bewdiful! Yes!

The fact of the matter is illustrations colour our world and they make us laugh...

Zaadstra.net is the entry point to
Pieter Zaadstra Atelier web sites!

Welcome & G'Day
My web sites may be inspirational to you.
Here I share stories, illustration and easel paintings.
Telling my stories is passing time with my mind.
Translating them all into visual is the 'Great Game'.

My Private Gallery

My Private Gallery
A facility for my very personal friends who wish to see what I have to show. Most 'big' art and 'label' art is handled by celebriWines. The small and intimate art is handled by me personally, but strictly by appointment only.

Art School Zaadstra

Art School Zaadstra
Many years of art workshops are consolidated in a central website where the information you need to survive is located - in among the ripping yarns.
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